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Monteria Boar Hunts, New Zealand
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Welcome to Monteria Boar Hunts

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Mon-te-rĂ­-a .... a Spanish word translating to "The pursuit of game with dogs"

The Kennels started as a small time interest associated with my passion in hunting and dogs in the mid 1980's. Since that time I've had the benefit of seeing and learning the good, bad and ugly characteristics of various dog breeds and what works best in tougher hunting situations, because what works best in tougher hunting situations will work when the going is easy. All hunters can use a dog that is too hard but a dog that is too soft is of little or no use.

In my opinion New Zealand didn't have a reliable strain of pig hunting dog that was recognised as being consistently tough from generation to generation, nor one that had good conformation for the job intended of it, combined with a cruisey nature and eager to please attitude. Now, 25 years on, though not complete in every sense of the word, the breeding programme here at Monteria Kennels is a long way down the road of filling that gap

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Monteria kennels now sport some 20 - 30 dogs en situ, with the addition of off-site genetic bearers managed by capable hunter-breeders within NZ who work alongside us to assist in selection of breed combination and trait selection.

Our crossbred breeding stock are proven hunting dogs with the exception of 3 females who have not been hunted to ensure their safety relative to their value and the difficulty of replacing their genetics if they were to come to misadventure during the hunt

This site is not to persuade hunters either way, but to inform of what is available from us should they have a need for new additions to their hunting pack.

Enjoy the site & happy hunting!

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Checkout the Gallery Section for photos of hunts, places, boars and good times we have been lucky enough to experience with our dogs and mates alongside us

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